Morena Justine – we are seeing a wide range of experiences between tenants and landlords, some good, some not ideal. Take a look at the terms of your lease – first for the ’emergency clause’ that many standard leases have which means you can have a conversation with the landlord around what rent can be charged in this time of lock-down. Check out the stream from anor question on how to interact with your landlord – in one case, they just stopped paying –
In terms of the ‘renewal’ rights – including the rent reduction, you need to look into your Lease Terms – the legal document (1) do you have a right of renewal and (2) what the terms are – we are seeing actually a lot of good partnerships happening between landlords and tenants where they are collectively working through the situation and being pragmatic and supportive of each other’s situation.
I do think there are some rules now around removal from tenancies – I can’t quite recall, but I think landlords may not be permitted from kicking you out in a time of lock-down – maybe check that out.
Finally, if they don’t respond – send them a final note, saying that you have tried to engage, you have tried to reach out, and you have tried to discuss a compromise on rent going forward given the situation – then you have a choice, keep paying at the rate you want to pay or dropping it altogether and saying you are ready to chat. Sorry I could not be more specific – not a property lawyer, and hope this helps.