Thanks Leslie, I added another question which has some useful info that I’ll pop into here.

We offer a SaaS product in the Health & Safety space that essentially digitises the delivery of a companies H&S programme. So offers features such as signing in and out of workplaces (and helping to ensure compliance), live incident reporting, hazard register, notifications, etc.

We operate across a few industries with the core being: building/construction, education, commercial cleaning, manufacturing, events and venues.

For the purposes of this question, we are looking at focusing in on one key pain point that our software can solve and then wrap our messaging around that one point. this is specifically for the international market we look at moving into. We understand we may need to pivot, which is fine given that we have the capability, but what I really need to do is get clear around what we need to pivot to. It may be a completely different industry from what I’ve outlined above, and may even mean amending some features to suit.

Does that help or does it make the water more murky?