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yeah I agree, however while people are indoors I looked at the chinese model and how they had over 700 million + just left in side.

The essential services were the online food delivery and online shopping and courses were the go according to the data. I was brought on board with a social e-commerce that deals with the online shopping market. My industry experience around hospitality and in depth understanding in the supply chain and creative ideas is what brought to the table. It was just a chance encounter and for me I am know coder but I know what works industry wise. When everybody shuts down the best thing is to start up something why because the market hasn’t dissipated just restricted. A notable difference. In culinary arts and restaurants, Amateurs think strategy, professional think logistics, if the logistics are not there or have been removed, thats where the opportunity lies.

Globally Im looking at the freelance economy after the lock down and so I think now that people are lock down there is a small window of opportunity to pivot and possibly make online courses related to my industry using simple tech application to stimulate passion and interest and slowly and incrementally lead them onto the platform. The timing is good for me as the whole world has lost the hospitality and tourism industry. The opportunity lies in the fact all but China have shut down their training establishments, which means this people have time to learn new things.
A friend said last year “What makes you think your Idea that will take off” and so I replied “the world economy could come to a standstill and the next day there will still be billions of mouths to feed”. With the sudden shut down of restaurants and kitchens the ability to service consumption has been massively disrupted. For the suppliers up to 90% of their business was removed in the last 2 weeks. This has created the upsurge of wholesalers and grocery supermarkets.
How ever it has also reduced the supply chains capacity to service the population. I was an ex Army chef and in my experiences I have seen the issues and morale of the troops when the logistics of food security has been disrupted. The best option I see is to keep training keep developing and wait for the Civic leaders to see the issue and position your idea in a space where they can see. My idea comes from 25 years experience and there is no one solution but a multiple of initiatives. but if it gives hope and or assists the world to get through this period then algud. I started this last year and no one was interested but now hundreds of people chefs Catering companies and platforms and tech developers are now interested and so it seems like a natural choice to pitch it, especially when everyone is in front of their computer.

For me and this project was a labour of love I started and went halves in paying for the links with my Dad who passed away, his dying wishes last year were to help youth and people struggling to get work. I had to put it on the shelf for 4 months to do other things, but now I choose to pick it up, people are struggling the time is right
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