Hi Brian,
A really good question which is being discussed ALOT in the world of retail. I am a stickler for the rules in times like this. We all need to do our bit and for those trying to get around the guidelines, you tend to get a lot of push back from customers and the public which can destroy your brand.

NZ Post and Courier services are continuing to ensure the service levels of essential businesses.

Essential businesses and those that support them – for instance in their supply chains – will continue to provide necessities to all New Zealanders. The New Zealand government continues to update its list of what is deemed to be an essential business. If you are unsure if you are an essential business supplier visit http://www.covid19.govt.nz/government-actions/covid-19-alert-level/#Essential-businesses

I can’t see your business or your customer’s galleries as a necessity (even to solve a “must-have” purchase). There are retailers still sending their products but you can see the crap they are copping. Big chains like Mecca and Ezibuy are despatching through their Australian distribution network. Is this fair? No. I even have seen Repertoire (an NZ fashion brand) has been dispatching. Why are they above the rules?

Are they getting grief? Yes.
Want to see the type of grief these businesses are getting? Go to Facebook and look at the feedback Cotton-on is getting. I don’t think it is worth it for the damage it is doing to its brand.

A big brand can survive the loss of loyalists. I am not sure a credible NZ brand should put themselves in that position.