OK Scott – here is an interesting question, and what you have raised is something we are all thinking about when our revenues disappear. What is fair? How does fairness align to the law of contract? Do we think it is fair that Banks have different terms of trade to landlords? Many tenants are cancelling their APs to their landlords because of the ’emergency clause’ because many of them can’t earn income from their premises. Should there be a similar provision for banks, for utility companies? Who will and will not game this system?

My own personal view is that if we all drop to legality, we all drop to the lowest common denominator, we have contagion, we have true chaos. It does not work. What we need to do is shift from reactive to proactive, we need everyone to give, that means everyone – that means banks, that means utility companies, that means owners, that means the government, that means employees, that means investors and if we can all do that proactively we have a chance of getting through.

I think like others say, everyone is trying to work out how to get through – but if you have a CFO, a CEO, a CMO and a board – you can share the load – but if you are an owner of a small business it can be impossible – so we just need to help each and apply pressure.

I know some utility companies are offering delayed payment, and holidays – good on them, that is very kind. I know also banks are giving terms if you approach them – but here’s the thing, if we all picked up the phone and asked for help – they could not help, so the large organisations need to get way more proactive, and automated to help us, help each other get through.

Everyone needs to take a hair cut – period.