Hey Sari, bit more info would help to give you targeted advice! But assuming as a startup you don’t have a large marketing budget and aren’t swamped with leads…

…Heres some fairly broad advice if you are B2B and looking to do some outbound prospecting for new clients:

1. Firstly identify what your ideal customer looks like – i.e. what sort of business, industry, size and any other defining characteristics they have.
2. From there, build out a list of potential organisations that could be a good fit for your solution.
3. Identify who in those organisations you need to speak to – think about which stakeholder(s) you will need to propose your solution to and ultimately who will sign off on any purchase
4. Think about how you can get in front of them (and the contact details you will need) – start with any contacts you have in your own network, any business associations or networking groups you are part of, business directories and using social networks such as LinkedIn
5. Find a way to either get introduced by somebody (ideally) or introduce yourself. You can use a mixture of email, LinkedIn and cold calling for this outreach or a mixture of all three. (My personal preference is LinkedIn but depending on your target clients this may not be the most suitable)
Final tips – Try and personalise any outreach you do. DO NOT look to sell anything in your introduction, the goal should be to get a quick initial zoom meeting/phone call to learn about them and evaluate whether your solution could be a good fit and solve some pain for them. Don’t give up if you don’t hear back after just one attempt and stay positive!

Good luck and if you would like to chat anything through feel free to text me on 021955570 and we can set up a call.