Morning ..
Given you have the social pages set up thisis easy to do
Use this time in lock down to take some awesome and creative images ( photos ) of your products
maybe even in situ, ie position them in creative ways with interesting backdrops
so people can see how good they look, assuming you have access to them ?
Then load the images up to Fb and Insta with a price and some creative words
You can’t deliver or have picked up, re anything sold at the moment
that is not essential, you can get people interested,
and deliver any sold goods after lock down is over.
You can create an apetite for your items and have fun doing this
An awesome project for you while your are in lock down
PS make sure you are clear re freight costs ( i.e they must pick up, especially if bigger items or if you
deliver make it local, just give good clarity )
You can also look for other FB groups that will let you upload in that they operate with this type product
and look at putting your product on Trade Me
Lots of options