Good call Bruce.

We operate and support 4 small electricity companies. Therefore, we are an essential public service and legally obligated to continue to perform our services. For those small businesses and IT support suppliers who work to support things like power companies and other essential services, I can outline what we have in place for our BCP.

So that those small business or IT providers can either understand where they fit, or whether they should talk to their customer and offer their help (particularly for shift / standby coverage).

Our customer service workforce is all working remotely, separately and online (24*7), our IT teams (and suppliers) are again working remotely, separately but on skeleton staff. So, its a bit like the Xmas/New Year shutdown period. Our support teams who operate and mange our critical business as usual functions and critical services are all working, any major changes to computer systems and customers services have been postphoned, any project or development work we’ve also put on hold and those “spare” project resources are now “supporting” our BAU staff in shift patterns.

So even though we are an essential service, we have still focussed our business to core public service and public safety activities. From what I’ve read/received in the power industry everyone else is doing something similar priorities are “keeping the lights on” BAU and criticial maintenance and responding to faults.