Hi Natalie,
I think it’s a good time to get innovative. I would consider moving in to a space where you are active on social media during this time — not in a ‘hard marketing’ space – but perhaps using your skills to photograph your world during the Lockdown. For example, you could try to ‘find the beauty’ in your own isolation.
I think consumers will remember people and brands who bring comfort and compassion during this time, and that will ultimately lead to consumer engagement when we all emerge on the other side of this.
You could also use this time to post some of the great images you’ve taken in the past, or perhaps you could create a small online business where you help people photoshop some of their old images, or give guidance on how to create a photo wall….
It’s a great time to think outside the square and consider how you might be able to engage with people in self-isolation. Good luck!