Hi Natalie – hope you’re doing well through this. Must be a tough time with so many weddings postponed or cancelled. I don’t think it’s heartless to be thinking about your business. How you approach it will be important. People are looking for feel good stories, good news, silver linings right now. Weddings and special events have so much joy around them – I would look to share that joy as part of your marketing (which I’m sure you’re already doing). Look at putting some packages together to be booked for later in the year. If people were able to commit a downpayment now (20%?) you could give them a discount. That way you can hopefully get bookings happening and some security while also offering your customers something in return.

There’ll be a bit of an influx of maternity and baby shoots when we’re out of this as well so also look at getting those booked in sooner rather than later. Hope that’s helpful – Sam