Great question Ania

A couple of thoughts:

1) Regularly check in with the team. There are examples out there of surveys out there to make sure the team has what it needs, etc. . Surveys can be built using Google forms for free and links to them are:

Strange Days: The New Normal

2) I am in some Slack channels that are brainstorming on this very question – here are some ideas from other companies that may work for you (note: they are using Slack so if you don’t have a group chat program like Slack might be something to think about):

“We have an ongoing zoom going, people usually get a reminder in the morning so a few will log on and have coffee convos
we normally had ice cream Thursdays in the AK office at 2 pm Thurs, so now we’re doing these virtual
we have a random channel for the lols and memes and thats obv getting some good use atm
started a daily appreciation channel for an end of day piccies of what we’re grateful for
we also have a #thanks channel (which was prior to COVID) that i highly recommend doing for general high fives, recognitions
All Hands weekly atm over Zoom
Friday drinks over Zoom
we do have a snapchat group but not everyone is on it”

“We are doing some of this stuff, kudos channel etc – I like the idea of a daily appreciation channel. Great idea. In addition we also have the following:

We have an always open room that anyone can just jump in when we what to chat/hang out, no need to make a meeting, it’s just always there for anyone at any time.

We have broken our team down into smaller support groups (groups of 5 or 6) where we organise a catch up with a few times a week to just check-in on and support each other.”

I also have heard of some groups starting to use HouseParty to have connected calls for their teams as well. My kids are on it 24/7 it seems with their friends at the moment.

Hope the above gives you some practical ideas.