Great question – we are seeing a few things working and also reading alot as well around remote working. What is important is connection, communication, discipline and fun. Connection is both as a team, but also one to one – we have set up a buddy system at the Icehouse where each person has another person they check in on at the beginning and end of the day and we do this with video so you can see each other. Separately, each ‘sub-team’ have daily stand-ups on video (we use Microsoft Teams or Zoom or Hangouts) and then once a week we have all team get together. I have seen a lot of people doing virtual lunches, drinks as well. Discipline is interesting because many of us feel alone and isolated naturally, so helping people get into a routine of what they do every day, writing lists and also helping them separate work time from family time seems to be important to motivation. Finally fun – we have to laugh, take the piss and share humour – amazing what you learn, for example, I now know two of my Icehouse team play the guitar and love music, i never stopped to learn that in the past. Hope that helps.