Hi Louise, your work and mission has struck a chord. I have some initial thoughts based on your post … I agree with Vicky that getting your messages crisp and clear is critical, and I’d add including evidence (e.g. the demonstrable impact your service makes in numbers or proof points) goes a long way so people know how their support helps. Your partnership with the Mental Health Foundation could be worked harder, especially with Mental Health Awareness week coming up e.g. tapping into their large social following through a call to action post from them linked to The Collective could be powerful as endorsement from them. Likewise, identifying a few social influencers to partner with, those who have an interest in homewares, fashion and supporting the community, would enable you to expand your audience. I have three junior comms team members who would like to offer you a complimentary brainstorm to come up with some other communication/PR ideas for you, they’ll just need a 15 min briefing call with you first to clarify questions they may have or for you to provide more info about your comms/marketing activity. After the brainstorm they’ll send you typed notes. If you’d like to take this up, please get in touch carolyn@anthem.co.nz.