Hey Jordon

As mentioned in the other replies this is something that most of us are facing right now and it has been brutal

What we have done is created a “Risk and Opportunity Register” and made an internal audit of every one of our clients.

We have graded each client on a scale of 1-5 for risk and opportunity.

1 Being Lowest and 5 being highest.

If they are high risk (no income and asking to go on hold/cancelling) and low opportunity (an industry that will be effected for a long time or we feel they will not recover) we have to make the hard decision to walk away.

If they are low risk and high opportunity we double down in the current environment and over deliver on service making it very clear we are doing everything we can to help them right now so we can solidify our relationship and bank good will.

The rest are on a sliding scale of time and commitment we will out into servicing them but for the most part we are over servicing, over communicating and over delivering compared to their existing budget so they see more value in keeping us on as service providers.

Hope this helps