Within you product range , use your data to figure out what sells the most and is responsible for those sales . Then double down on those.

You also want to get a pulse on what your customers/potential customers want . This includes products that may not yet be your top selling products but have great potentials.

Since you already have distributions in Farros and Moore Wilson, expanding to places like FoodStuffs makes for a plausible move . You just have to pay attention to the data that is emanating from your products from these platforms, in order to ascertain what works and doesn’t. Then utilize such information to make informed decisions as you move on to additional platforms .

Furthermore you need to figure out the extra cost of pushing out more products , the financial implication and how you are going to get facilities for that . Rarely relying on cash infusion coming from organic sales may not cut that for you.

Lastly, to scale growth, you have to take care of the home end – your production capacity (inclusive of human resources to drive the process) must match your aspirations . I will suggest that you phase that so that you don’t get orders that you can’t meet which is even more detrimental to your scaling sales strategy .

Hope this helps. All the best!