Hi Alexia, great idea!

Give the high numbers of Kiwis currently spending lots of time on social media, that feels like the place you should be telling them about this. Of course it depends on who this is intended for, but you can look for relevant existing groups to go and visit, to share this with their members (e.g. https://www.facebook.com/groups/192497612170843/) as well as placing paid ads on there if you have budget to do so.

As you’ll have noticed, all NZ media outlets are pretty running nothing but C-19 related stories right now. SO why don’t you put together a press release/media pitch (or get someone to for you) and then see if you can get anyone from Stuff, Herald, RNZ, TVNZ, Mediaworks etc. to carry this story in a relevant section of their channels? An appearance on the breakfast show or in the newsfeed of a major website could be just the spike of interest you need!