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In order to be able to terminate on the grounds of abandonment of employment, it is good to try multiple media options. It has been argued that email is insufficient so if you could try phone calls and text messages also, logging the times and dates you try, as well as screen shotting your call log and text messages to save as a record.

It’s a safety net for you.

In regards to Moola approaching you for a deduction from payroll – unless your employee has given you authorisation to do it, aside from the Ministry of Justice, no one can ask you directly to hand over the employees earnings.

When you go to notify the employee of termination of their employment eventually, after having attempted the other contact avenues, the employee will still be legally entitled to their accruals i.e. leave.

If you need a hand let us know and we can help you with the wording etc

Sorry you were left in the lurch