I am assuming by ‘people’ you mean your team – right?

Unfortunately they are human, and when you are home with the distraction of the family / pets / Netflix it becomes a motivational challenge.

The key is to start with a two way virtual discussion about the team members growth goals in the company and your needs and agree on KPI’s on their training (e.g. completion certificate if it is a online course) and timing to complete by.

But before you do that – start with your self:
(1) Why does your company exist, other than the purpose of making money?
(2) Why should anybody care about the work you’re doing?

Once you communicate your passion and the KPI’s, the next step is to keep the discussion flowing online…

THen every morning have a virtual team meeting – where everyone states what they are going to do (including what vocational training they are going to do) and what is stopping them from achieving it (if any) – that way you have a motivated team that engages in training so you can hit the road running when normality returns.

As for the tech – that is a whole different topic in itself….

Good luck.

Tim Muhundan
PivotYourBiz – We are in this together