Hi there Brett. Great initative mate and a much needed service to support Kiwi Expat coming home. You should also link up with KEA who do some really good work in this place.

The unfortunate part about it is the advice from REA & REINZ is consistnent with the Act. So you will need a license to start your business. There are some really good provideers – Skills & Open Polytech – that can help you achieve this in a relatively short period of time. And it is only around $1,000. I would also be happy to support you from a mentoring point of view.

Ultimately the REA & REINZ are there to protect our customers – so don’t take it personally. It ensures people giving advice are aware of all of the applicable laws, code of ethics and practicle tips to make you even more productive for your clients.

Once again, kudos to you to for the initatie. Feel free to reach out.

Lloyd Budd