Jerome, thank you so much for your response and the link above. I watched the video conversation and was given some very helpful tips regarding what I’m looking for.

Serge shared about the 3 stages of business (idea, product fit, scale) and how each of these stages should be considered when thinking about remuneration, governance, directors and founders – his advice on the idea stage of things is most valuable at the moment as this is where I am.

A few things I got from this were:
1. During the idea stage, have time to work things out, as Andy also mentioned you want to consider shares based on what potential shareholders are doing and how long they will be around… hearing this I think I will hold off from allocating shares (or options) right away, but instead look at a ‘dating’ period as Serge mentioned in the video.
2. He went into the specifics of how remuneration works on the boards he is involved in (highlighting specific numbers and time periods)
3. The value of having a job description at the outset and managing expectations (I think I’ll look to do something similar).

Appreciate the manaaki Jerome and yes if you don’t mind, I will keep your number in hand if that’s okay.
Thank you again.