This is moving super fast – here is a response that I saw this morning from the MBIE team relating to a supplier to financial organisations:

Essential Services include operations that are listed on the MBIE website and includes services in their supply chain required in order to continue operating: .

From the information provided, aspects of the business may be essential, in line with the guidance available on the COVID 19 website – The guidance notes for the financial services sector, any entity that operates consumer and business financial services, financial services infrastructure including banking services is an essential service. This includes a firm repairing IT and data infrastructure for an essential service.

If you’re unsure whether your client or business provides essential services, you should close. We need as many businesses as possible to close to slow the spread of the virus.

As part of the supply chain for essential businesses, a business may continue to supply those critical products and services to essential businesses only.

A business may only supply products and services to non-essential businesses if it can do so remotely, from home.

If a business continues to operate, it must do so in a way that limits the transmission of COVID-19 by taking the following measures:
• minimise, or eliminate if possible, physical interactions amongst staff and with and between customers,
• ensure appropriate health, hygiene and safety measures are in place,
• restrict activity to only what is essential during the Alert 4 period.

If you wish, you as an employer can provide letters to your staff to detail the specific essential functions they are undertaking with references to the essential services outlined on .

MBIE will not be providing formal accreditation to essential businesses or their employees.

We suggest you continue to check for more details on which businesses are considered to be essential and how operate in a way that limits public health risks.