Morning. Tough place. However, despite the funding challenges and the impact on your ability to filing PCTs, what people will always want to see are proof of concepts of the technology and its application and as part of that, the plan would be to secure early users or customers of the technology. Someone or an organisation that says, we would like to use that application. I used to work at Fletcher Building (over 20 years ago) and I know how hard it is to get them to try new things, mostly because of risk and also because of the capital investment they already have.

Who would ‘win’ if your Plubber Modules was successful – can you convince them to partner with you to do trial – maybe they bring funding and/or use cases? Similarly who would ‘lose’ if you were successful – can you show them it is worth getting involved?

I checked out the website, finding a ‘use’ case and various parties would be a great step – and I know how hard it is to get a simple yes. I suppose, the funding is not the most important – it is these use cases of the technology and application that matters, because if you get a yes from a customer or a supplier or partner, then you are one step closer to getting it into the market.