Hi Ohope Dude,
So you are actually looking at starting up a new business service your (and maybe other) businesses in the area. Thanks for clarifying.

Great idea to complete a feasibility review before committing yourself – it sounds as if you have identified a gap in the market and the next stage is working out if its a profitable gap and a gap you want to enter.

I found this great outline online https://www.fool.com/the-blueprint/feasibility-study/ which could be a good place to start.
Suggest you scope the two scenarios – financials and operational requirements for servicing your own business and then a second version where you might also gain business from other accommodation providers. Bigger scale usually gives benefits, but if you can’t be sure of that business then best not to build into your base model.

Once you have a draft completed, its a good idea to get an independent set of eyes to review your assumptions and outcomes and check if there are any other considerations or perspectives. You could then have a proposition you could test with some of those potential external customers. Share the idea, cost and services terms with them, and seek feedback. That way you could have insight into their interest even before you start.

Good luck!