Dear TJ
Firstly, I’m dubious about Instagram as a way to sell real estate or get listing instructions – which I guess is your profession.

So find out if others are just growing a following or are actually getting listings from their social media.
Below are articles about how to get followers…. but before you invest a lot of time and effort into this work, figure out whether people who will hire you to sell their homes are using instagram as a way to find a real estate agent. Do this by asking the people who DON’T list with you, do this by asking your friends and neighbours, do this by asking other agents in your business and competitors. Form a rounded view from all their information. Remember some will lie to you or exaggerate.

Here’s how to get followers on Instagram for yourself by copying successful practitioners
-Search instagram for NZ real estate agents
– Follow them and read all their posts
– Also check out their other social media sites (FB/LI/Snapchat (unlikely)/TikTok/Twitter)
– Work out which ones are getting likes, comments, follows, shares
– Work out what TYPE of posts are getting the most likes, comments and shares
– Adapt and copy what they do for your own account

Above all, beware of buying followers. Just don’t do it.
You should also consider buying social sharing software e.g. Buffer, Hootsuite because they can save you a lot of time espeically with scheduling posts (which isn’t allowed on the native Instagram site).

For these links. Read them. Then subscribe to their newsletter, follow them on social (Neil Patel has a great youtube channel too).
Every week make sure you read what they send you. Action what you can on your account,
Check whether the tactics they mention are working (or not).
Adapt / adjust your daily Instagram practice based on your observations.

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