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It is a beautiful idea, he whakaaro ātaahua – and very courageous that you acknowledge your whakapapa and absence of Reo Māori. I’d like to honour you for doing that.
As someone who has been on a Reo Māori journey for some time, there are definitely some things to be careful of particularly when undertaking direct translations. The Māori worldview and thought process is quite different to just taking the phrase or sentence in English to Māori dictionary or Google translate, and as it is quite a metaphorical language, we say things quite poetically and indirectly.
There are definitely translation services (see the DIA.govt.Nz website) out there and many contractors who could help, but also there are loads of beautiful resources I.e. Scotty and Stacey Morrison’s books that will have key phrases for our tamariki. Kia kaha, kia māia, kia manawanui.