Hi Jen,
I definitely know that feeling of overwhelm when you are trying to do everything yourself to continue to grow your business.
I have been working with a team overseas of amazing women that I outsource all the things that take up too much time for me and I don’t have the skills for (or have the time to learn new ones) so that I can focus on the things that I am good at.
I began by writing a diary in an excel spreadsheet of all the things I do in a week (like a food diary if you have ever had to do one of those). Then I put an hourly value on my time and anything that I could outsource that was below that figure, that would be pushed over into column 2 and then I could start bundling it into things like Admin, Accounts, Marketing, Social Media etc and then get the outsourced team to support me with those needs.
It has freed me up with time to focus on the things that can support me to grow my business.
Hope this helps