Kia ora Sammy

1. Look at what your more profitable work is, I would suggest in plumbing it is higher end residential, commercial can provide good contractuaral cash flow work but not high profit margin usually
2. I agree with Nick about using contractors or labor hire for overflow work, then you don’t have to have employees and the stress of paying wages every week you only use them when the work is there
3. Growth phase where you are at is the same for most businesses its called a tipping point, and often a chicken and egg situation, as in tricky to balance demand with resource.
4. It may be good to look at your pricing, if you know a company in your industry that is doing well, ask to go for a coffee or have a phone chat to find out what they do, maybe outside your region as it can be competitive.

My experience in the construction industry is it down to efficiency, pricing, the type of work you do.

There is a great book out there written by a ex business owners and mayor of Wellington called ‘Slippers’ by Mark Blumsky if you are into those type of books, ideas around how to stand out and provide that point of difference

Go well