Kia Ora Maria – thank you for sharing and for your mahi in helping to support the community. Love it and I wish you all the best for this work to make a difference.

You have asked some challenging questions for us here at Manaaki – we are I hope good at answering questions that come onto the platform about areas where we have experience and expertise. Many of these are areas are where our advisors have depth of experience- how do use Facebook, how to hire people, how to raise capital – and then yours questions are more focused on some system things like – how to engage with Government for support while mentoring your community members who are going on their own business journey. You also ask about running a workshop.

For now, Manaaki is a platform that is virtual – we believe also in partnering with and engaging with local stakeholders like regional business partners in each region to complement the good work they already do.

Of course, we also have advisors based across the country – who themselves might be interested in collaborating or helping to run that workshop you are looking too.

Have you tried to reach out to your Lower Hutt Council and/or Regional Business Partner? What about Creative HQ out of the Wellington CBD?

I would always welcome letting your community members know that whenever they have questions on their startup or their business, to just come to the platform and ask away – we will I am sure have advisors that will help on each question.

Happy to chat on the phone if that helps – I think running the workshop is not what Manaaki is about or resourced to do, but there might be Wellington based advisors who could be keen to get involved?

Maybe we would put something into our networks to ask if they would be interested to support?