Hi M. Vaughan.
I agree with Chibuike, exploring ways to leverage your experience beyond just your own direct working hours is a great idea to diversify and increase you income stream.

Franchising does come with a lot of paperwork and quality standards and process development, branding, revenue models etc – and ensuring that whomever you chose to work with will enhance your name and reputation. So a good first step would be to bring another person into your current practice. This will give you the experience of extending how you work, but on a less intense basis.

Some key considerations;
– how will you brand your offer to ensure it works for now and is future proofed if you choose to expand further into a franchise model? Make sure you register your final brand name
– what model would you work on for pricing, revenue and paying your contractor to ensure you get a positive incremental margin? Map out not just an hourly rate, but what the forecast revenue will look like on a yearly basis, and that it covers all costs like insurance, ACC etc
– what type of employment arrangement will you use and do you need specialised advice to set up?
– what standards and processes will you put in place so that you know who to recruit, and then how you want them to work to deliver your service in a way that fits your values and brand?
– how will you market your services so that people know you have more capacity available once the new person has started?

A little planning goes a long way. Good luck!