Hi Aeryn

Thanks for reaching out. A typical clothing wholesale business would start by offering at least keystone pricing (50% margin) to retailers. However, this can depend on the channel you are selling in (ie fashion, outdoor, etc) and the retailer you are selling into, as sometimes larger retailers will try to negotiate better margins.

A good place to start is finding what comparable clothing is selling for at your target retailers. Then look at how many levels of pricing you require (the main question is whether you will be selling to the retailers directly, or operating via a distributor/wholesaler. If the latter you need an additional level of pricing). Once you have this you can work backward.

For example, If you are selling to retailers yourself (without a distributor) and you’ve determined the target RRP is $50, you can sell to retailer at $25, then your profit would be between your landed cost and $25.

I hope that helps!