First step is to understand what people are searching for in relation to your business. You need to understand how peeople search for your products i.e. what keywords are they using and what keywords is your website being found for currently? Doing the groundwork here will be a huge help as once you know this you can optimise your website to help it show up for those search terms. This means you’re getting organic search hits without needing to pay. Do a google of keyword research tools to help you out with this.

As Richard suggested, Google Shopping is also a great option and you can use your keyword research to understand which terms to bid for.

Social can be more challenging as you’re not targeting people so much based on what they search for but on demographics. If you’re advertising on Facebook therefore, you really want to target ‘warm audiences’ i.e. people who have engaged with your business before either by visiting your website or engaging with your social channels. Make sure you have a Facebook pixel installed on your website to get you started. I also recommend creating lookalike audiences. These are ‘cold’ audiences but Facebook determines that they are people most likely to be interested in your products because they are similar to your other audiences. One great way to create a lookalike audience is by uploading a database of your past customers into the custom audience section of Facebook. Then create a lookalike audience from that. You are literally creating an audience of people who are similar to your past customers.

You can use all these audience tools inside Facebook Business Manager and a quick Google or YouTube search will give you heaps of tutorials on how to do get it set up.