Hi Teresa,
Yes I agree with Ben’s comments about using Facebook, especially community feeds and geo-targeting to reach your target audience cost effectively.
You need to craft a message promoting the benefits of tele-physiotherapy and/or off-setting the perceived negatives.
The benefits of helping patients in isolation with convenient continuity of care and social distancing are obvious to most and the medical model has proven this.
Perhaps offsetting negatives might be more important.
For example…
How will you deliver the visual references your patients need to follow? Can you create a video service to do this?
Are your patients worried about cost of treatment? How can you help them with this?
Do your patients think they have ‘bigger things to worry about right now’ – how can what you do support them with their wider goals of juggling childcare, working from home etc
It may be a good idea to test some different messages to see what works.