Hi @Ljackson. Firstly make sure you’re not just setting up a Facebook page because you think you should. Get a strategy and content plan in place and think about what your objectives are so you have a clear plan of action.

I would recommend starting with setting up a Facebook page using the instructions here: https://www.facebook.com/help/104002523024878/. Once you start, Facebook will walk you through setting up the page and it’s a fairly straightforward process.

Once you’ve set up the page and you have been an admin of it for over a week, I suggest that you then set up Facebook Business Suite. This provides a professional way of managing your different Facebook pages, Instagram and ad accounts. You can add admins via their work email address rather than them being admins of the page via their personal accounts. You can also choose how much access/permissions you assign to other admins. You will also need to use Facebook Business Suite for a whole host of more advanced tools further down the line.

To start, go to business.facebook.com and set up your account using your work email address. You will still need to enter the password for your personal Facebook page so Facebook knows who you are. Once this is done, you can add assets to your Business Manager. Assets include a Facebook ad account, Instagram account and your Facebook page.

I suggest you use this guide to help set up your business manager account: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1710077379203657?id=180505742745347.

Good luck!