Kia Ora – here are some thoughts from the amazing Kirsty Traill one of our advisors:-

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It all starts with understanding your customer. Think about who this person is and where they find information, then you can work on a content strategy and marketing mix around this.

What are the characteristics of your target customer? They are most likely female, into which age bracket do they fall, where are they based in NZ (overseas?), what are their emotional attributes that make them want to purchase your product/service?

The best way to get this information is find people who you think fit your ideal customer profile, and set up and conduct customer persona interviews. You should be able to conduct 5-10 of these interviews using a series of questions to help you better understand your target customer persona.

I’d ask questions such as
– where do they find information about products & services related to childbirth?
(magazines, WOM, internet, social media, networks etc)
– what about it would cause them to look into hypnobirthing?
– where do they spend their time on social media (FB, IG, TikTok etc)?
– what are their favorite websites?
– what are their favorite magazines/newspapers etc?
– what are ten words they would use to describe your business etc

You can then use this to start forming a persona, on which you can start to dive deeper into the motivations of your customers and craft a marketing mix around this. Ideally this is what should form the basis of your marketing activity, so that you’re spending your marketing dollars where you know it will have the most impact, with the right messaging, at the right time. This allows you to spend your marketing budget targeting these customers specifically which means you get a much higher ROI on your marketing spend.

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I hope this helps~Kirsty