Hey Darren

This is a question we get asked alot – and the answer is to ask the question of your business for the immediate and then to future proof also if your budget allows. You need to consider what part the website plays in your business – so is it the central hub or is it the end process – for example some people will drive everything from the website – whereas some will drive from their inventory management or CRM so depends on what your internal integration requirements are to what is the best solution.

I am a little bias as we build on Woocommerce or Shopify, these both have different solutions and we would recommend Woocommerce for long term customised functionality capabilities but Shopify for ease of use for integration and immediate setup.

If you are looking for a hosted solution that you can start out on and then build on as you go you can use Shopify using a base template, or if budget allows have someone design and build for you on Shopify. You can add apps for functionality as you go. If something like Woocommerce you are best to invest up front and get a partner to build for you to get the right theme and long term solution in place, optimisation for categorical structure etc etc so that it is visible for SEO (this is also important for Shopify).

Just be mindful that you will be marketed too by the likes of WIX, Squarespace etc now that you are searching about ecommerce but they are limited in their offerings and not a long term solution for you.

There are lots of other things to consider and discuss, so, look at the above options and if you want to know more – ask away 🙂