Hi @datiduke,

Social media can be a good starting point to market your treats and eventually lead people to your online shop.

1. Have an Instagram or Facebook business page. Choose only 1 so it’s easier to manage.

2. Join business groups on Facebook that allow you to engage within that community. Some even allow you to introduce your business and your products from time to time. Best to engage but avoid being “spammy”.

3. Facebook marketplace can be another avenue to market and sell. The only hesitation I’ve got with marketplace is that you can have a lot of time wasters.

4. An alternative is to create your Facebook Shop within your page so it’s easier to tag your products when posting for people to easily buy.

So, you can either market and sell all via social media or you can use it to direct people to your online shop for them to be aware of your product.

You can then move on to email marketing and start optimising your website for SEO (if you decide to keep it).