Hi @datiduke, what a delish product to be the core of your business!
Opportune timing right now is to get on to Digital Boost
Digital Boost provides free online courses, taught by experts, for us Kiwis. Within the platform is a series of short videos on Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategy and a deep dive into Social Media channels. Plus, a dive into websites and what best works to reach the right people, bring traffic into your online shop, and turn those viewers into buyers.
Currently there’s a competition running to win an incredible Digital Boost transformation package too!
On Digital Boost you’ll also get insights and see case studies from Kiwi business owners who’ve used the digital tools to boost their business.
For finance options have a look at the Funding Explorer on http://www.business.govt.nz and also, in your region there may be a business development agency or organisation providing guidance on the funding options available.
For Brand & Design, have you given yourself the time to visualize what you’d like to see, the messaging and “tone” of your Brand? A business plan is the best place to start to ensure that you are aligned with your business goals, ideal customer and target audience.
Happy to assist with any questions or feedback.