This is the ideal of almost businesses – and so what you need to do will depend largely on the level of your competition. If you are in a competitive industry looking for national or international business then be prepared to hire a professional and have a large budget. Don’t even consider attempting this yourself.

If you are in a small town with little competition, then the amount of effort you need to do will be much less. However, if this is the case, I would suggest focusing on ranking in Google My Business, not so much traditional SEO (GMB listings get more traffic, of for local service business gets more traffic).

There are 3 basic parts to SEO:

1) Site build. How well your site is built, and well it is structured and how fast it runs (which will also be affected by the quality of your server- something most businesses neglect, thinking cheaper is better.) This also includes using H tags and meta tags, image names and alt tags etc. correctly.

2) Content. The more the better. The best ranking pages for more competitive search terms can have 2,000-3,000 words. There is an unfortunate trend for people to think less is more. It is not. Not for SEO and not for conversions. Invest properly in to content, and add new content regularly.

3) Backlinks. These are the links to your site. Generally the more the better, but beware of getting low quality ones. Some can even get you blacklisted. Links from other high quality relevant sites (quality) is always better than a stack of low quality links.

There are many other factors too, such as visitor engagement metrics, your sites trust score (do you have a physical address and phone number listed, how old is your site, etc.).

In short, SEO is not something most businesses should try to do themselves. It is either too technical and too time consuming. You may work with and SEO company too manage some of the content yourself, and train you to add new pages correctly, but don’t try it all alone unless you have a lot of free time and a very good course to follow, and you are technically competent.