Hi there,
Building a brand and distributing it through digital channels is a constant evolution of trial and error, learnings and experiences. What has worked for another brand or organisation might not necessarily work for you.
My first port of call is always to create a plan and for what you are trying to achieve it would be to look up on beloved Google – Marketing Plan template. I have always use this one https://business.gov.au/planning/business-plans/how-to-write-your-marketing-plan but needs slight tweaks for an NZ business.
This will support you in your thinking on what you want to achieve, what activities to undertake and also identify new opportunities of how to activate the brand and build a story that customers connect with.
My favourite part of the Marketing Plan is the SWOT analysis and then following the resolution to each of the challenges outlined in the SWOT – this is an intrinsic part of the overall strategy and plan.
Hope that this insight helps you