Hi Harris,
Congratulations on your journey so far.

To get listed with major retailers can be quite simple;
– you will need a barcode, and to register with GSI
– you will need to ensure that you comply with any health and product regulations for your category, retailers may also have standards that they require
– you will need a pricing model for each retailer that allows margin for the retailer, and to cover distribution costs, marketing rebates, etc. Each retailer will have their own model that you need to navigate, and ensure that your pricing strategy allows you sufficient margin to still make money
– you will need an ordering process. How will these customers place orders with you and have them fulfilled.
– with some retailers you may also need a presentation tray for your products – some kind of retail point of sales that tells the customer about what you offer and its benefits
– then you are ready to jump online with each potential customer and go to their customer portal and finalise the process of presenting your product to them.

I am not sure from what you have shared how far down this pathway you might already be…it might a small step or a long journey. If you haven’t sold into those spaces before a retail or sales consultant could be very valuable to help you navigate successfully.

Good luck!