Kia ora @brentrice1

Awesome kaupapa you have here,

To add to this discussion, a valuable concept I always try and exercise with outreach is the “how might we achieve a one to many model vs. 1:1?”

There is some mention above around teachers. We have exercised a one to many model previously to schools for a digital education program. If you can get one teacher onboard and they see the value in your work, you then have a platform of 27 kids to broadcast to (or 54 parents emails). 1:27:54 is a pretty good amplification rate!

So if you were to think about where or how you were to connect with parents, finding where the teachers hang out might be a good way to go about it.

Tip, there is a Facebook group called “NZ Primary School Teachers” which is about 30,000 teachers strong – if you are delivering value to them and can connect at their level, you might find some success here. (this is just an example of where a target audience for you might live that has a one to many effect).

Go well!