Kia ora @wonderlandstore!

To build on the kōrero and epic suggestions that have already been mentioned above I would add…..

1) Of your last 10x customers, do you know who they were? Age, demographic, location? If not, feel free to give them a friendly email asking to have a chat explaining you are wanting to learn more about who your business is for, most people will happily oblige. The purpose of this then rolls into suggestion number 2…

2) Do you know where your customers live? I don’t mean just as in physically, also digitally and in person. Have you thought about what Facebook groups these likeminded humans might frequent? Blog posts they might read? Influencers they might follow? Or do they live on the Chooice marketplace too?

These could be some good starts to shape how you might find your next 10x customers, go well!

Kia māia,