What a great space to be in as more and more consumers consider their consumption levels and footprint and think of vintage. And great that you have confidence in the product.

There is plenty you can do here to boost awareness.
– Offline awareness raising. You can consider traditional PR. Let all the key media know your story – Fashion Quarterly, Viva, etc everyone who can share what you are doing with your target market. Pop ups at markets where your target shop is also another way to grow awareness.
– Online awareness raising. Search advertising, links to your site on trade me, influencers talking about your site and philosophy.

I would start with getting clear in your own mind about what success would look like in terms of number of value of sales, and how much you are prepared to invest to deliver that outcome. Then map out say a three month plan where you try different activities and review their impact to decide on what is most effective to continue with 🙂

Good luck!