Another thing to consider is your website and sales process.

Assuming (and it is an assumption without more information) that you have a product people in that demographic are willing to pay for, and at a price they can afford, that does not mean advertising it alone will work.

Conversion rates are critical, and defined by many variables. If you put all your effort into getting visits to your website, but then your site sucks, you won’t make sales (or very few). Clear messaging, good usability, professional design and strong copy will all be important to get leads to book or even to give you a call.

In our experience, the vast majority of websites are simply not built well, or designed to convert. This leaves business owners struggling and frustrated.

Of course, the harsh reality is sometimes a ‘great idea’ for a business turns out not to be so great, or things change. We have worked with many tour operators here, and since covid, almost all of them have struggled. Some managed to pivot to the domestic market, other found the domestic market simply did not want their particular service.

Are there others in your industry succeeding offering what you are offering? If not, that may tell you something. If so, then check your level of competitiveness, and as I say, your website and sales processes.