What we have done is looked at where that opportunities
to support people exist within the infrastructure that we have.

If you do this with the purest of intent ( we are a fashion business that had a manufacturing part to us, so while BAU was understandably not seen as essential, we have moved into making face masks at minimal or no cost
for those most that are vulnerable, after we had a large charity reach out to us to help them.

The demand has grown massively, given so many are feeling anxious and venerable .

While our masks won’t stop COVID-19 they will stop hand to mouth transmission when out and about
reduce anxiety and prevent germ spread if you do get sick and care for another say with flu or a cold.
So they have a very real application, and will not increase landfill, so are sustainable,
100% cotton and fully washable )

So from frocks to masks, that do good in the community, we had fabrics, trims
and infrastructure locally and internationally that we donated,
we mobilised others safely and we have been inundated with orders
We have also managed to engage a local community safely in their construction .

I live by the saying that “Until the job is worth more than the money, it will never pay more ”

Look for the opportunities and right now they exist in supporting
and contributing to the welfare of others and who knows were they will eventually lead
Keep safe