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I’ll leave it to the experts regarding the ins and outs of the organisation types (charity vs business) but looking at your facebook page it looks like you have the potential to tell great stories of lives impacted and changed which could inspire others to support you regardless of your formal organisation structure. For example, by positioning as a social enterprise you are are making a mark in the sand that to potential supporters that profits are used to further your work.

Looking at your Facebook page I could see stories of gathering, healing and connecting with nature but I didn’t get a full picture of what you are about. You have beautiful designs, great photos and cool videos and I wonder if you could collate these stories onto your website to tell your story as to who you are, what you are doing and the lives changed which may make it a lot easier to bring on the supporters that Andy mentions who are keen to support you based on your heart and purpose rather than your charitable status.

As an example I was speaking to a man yesterday who is a trustee of a trust that earns income from a farm that was left as a legacy by the farmer. He was asking about potential organisations to support as they have a big build up of cash. I told him about some of the organisations that I know of that met the giving criteria of the trust and the first thing he was going to do was check out the websites of those organisations.

This may sound like a sell job coming from a website guy! Trust me it’s not. We recently offered 750 websites to our partner network to pass onto not for profit organisations who making the world a better place (they don’t need to be charities) and if you contacted us with a little more info about what you’re up to we could connect you with potential partners who would be interested in helping. Learn more here:

Depending on where you are based you might want to check out these organisations which are geared up to connect you with advisors that could help you in your journey to understand charitable status:



I hope that helps.

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