Adding to the excellent advice from Annabelle and Reuben I suggest that you add an email newsletter to your marketing suite.

The reason is this
1 – everyone has an email address and they own and control it.
2 – the risk of relying too heavily on social media is high if the algorithm changes or your account gets hacked
3 – paying for advertising is only possible while you are profitable (and you aren’t yet)

I expect you already get email newsletters from other clothing brands (if you don’t, I suggest joining Wixx as they do a mix of vintage and new). Read each one they send, analyse it and then adapt it for yourself.
How to analyse an email newsletter:
– Read it all the way through
– is it short, long or medium?
– How many articles and images are there?
– Was the headline interesting? Did it make you want to open and read?
– What calls to action were in it? Did they EXPLICITLY ask you to do something e.g. buy, read, click
– what were the articles about? e.g. dresses, summer edit, the team, restaurants, gigs etc

These will give you a simple list of newsletter elements which you can put into your own work.

Frequency – you should send a newsletter and update your social accounts every time you have new stock in. So weekly is a bare minimum for a business like yours. Pick a day of the week and time of day when your audience are ready to buy…. not while they’re at work.

Then people ask me about software. You must choose newsletter software that integrates with your ecommerce shop software. So you know who clicked and then bought. This is imperative. Do not buy anything that doesn’t join up these two elements of your business.

Over to you – Go Rock It.