Morena – first thing, it is hard I know, I know countless stories of people struggling with this, even more so right now. What I have heard that works is first finding someone else who struggled with this, and what and how they overcame it. My friend gets a sleave made for him – to start, he got it done locally here in NZ, yes it was way more expensive but he could work with a local supplier and manufacturer, he could use their relationships and connections and he could see if the market really wanted the product. He was super happy to stay with them too. What happened over time as he got his first orders is that he started getting more orders and that forced him to think about costs – which led him to investigating offshore, but that was off the back of having cash in the door – so he could spend the time.

HOw did he do it? He just networked, networked, networked and looked at products in NZ and then asked ‘where did you get that made’ – wild goose chase until he found his contact.

For me, take one step with local product, see if you can make it work. If you get success work with your local to see how they can get the cost down for you. Good luck.