Hi Moonie,

The trademark process can be pretty simple or it can be complicated – it really depends on what the trademark is, what’s already out there, who competitors are, where you want to register, etc. It’s a bit like resource consent – sometimes you just don’t know what you’ll come across!

One of my businesses runs a “light” trademark registration portal – designed for startups to use on a lower budget. If you’re looking to register the trademark in NZ, Aus and/or UK, then we have portals set up for each of them:

http://www.diytm.co.nz (NZ)
http://www.trademarksonline.com.au (Aus)
http://www.trademarkplanet.com (UK)

It’s probably worth a bit of a chat before you file using the portals – each has a free phone number to connect you to someone about trademarks pre-filing, or you can look me up and give me a bell for a quick chat before you proceed 🙂