Sorry for the delay in responding. I am unclear on what you mean by the phrase ‘trouble managing’ – whether that is about engagement or performance or both (similar to Anna’s comment).

That being said here are some ideas:

1) Communication: If you feel communication is a challenge I have found it helpful to ask people 3 questions to understand what I can do better: What do you want to know? How do you want to know it? and How often do you want to hear it? From there it is a simple thing to deliver on their expectations, rather than guessing, plus adding in information you think is necessary.

2) Engagement: Depending on the size of your staff you can do a survey or have conversations but a simple engagement survey that can be used and is free is Gallup’s Q12. You can find that here –

3) General workplace practices and engagement: If you don’t want to do a survey and your team isn’t super large you can always do an exercise to brainstorm: a) What should we Start doing?; b) What should we Stop doing; and c) What should we Continue to do?

4) Performance Management: This one is tricky and solving individual issues isn’t the intent of this forum or my advice. At a high level I would encourage you to take Q1 of the Gallup Q12 and have a conversation with people to understand what they believe is expected of them at work. Once you have that data you can then determine next steps and/or open the dialogue to understand where you and they may have a disconnect.

The key to all of the above is a level of trust in the workplace to have an honest dialogue and work on the issues. If that does not exist then trying to understand what is getting in way of being able to have those dialogues is where I would start.